SEN & SEND Computing Classes

SEN & SEND Computing Classes

Fun, stimulating and engaging – computing and technology activities for children and young people with special educational needs


Children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) or Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) benefit from a wide range of technology and computing classes and workshops. ComputerXplorers provides expert computing activities for young people with special educational needs in mainstream schools, dedicated SEN and SEND schools and support groups.

“The ComputerXplorers club is helping us support achievement for all pupils within the school. Over the last few years they have played an invaluable role in capturing the imagination and developing skills and confidence for our young people. The range of resources and adaptability of the ComputerXplorer team is outstanding, especially in meeting the needs of our young people. “

Pauline Egan

Abercorn Special School

The benefits of computing for children with special educational needs

Working with ComputerXplorers, the young people experience a range of STEM activities such as robotic engineering with Lego blocks, learnt how to code and even built their very own village in Minecraft whilst collaborating or working independently on tasks within the program.

They also expand their creativity through open ended tasks such as designing the look and feel of the worlds in video game design challenges or using their skills and imagination to create their own unique environment. This can be particularly beneficial for children who can use 3D imagery to communicate – read more here about the use of SketchUp with young people with autism.

The wide range of computing activities we offer gives young people with special needs the opportunity to express themselves, develop new skills, take pride in their accomplishments and increase their self esteem.

Maximise the potential of children with additional and special educational needs

If you are looking for innovative and engaging ways to involve and develop your pupils, talk to us about our ideas for exciting, fun and educational computing and technology workshops. Perfect for pupils across all age groups within Primary or Secondary school levels.

“ComputerXplorers has tuned into the needs of our young people, engaging and challenging them beyond their expectations. As a result, the young people have gained confidence and experienced success in a way they haven’t before.”

Mr Davies