Animation classes for children from 3 to 13+

Let your creativity soar as you develop worlds filled with wonder, sounds and animation. Write stories and build animated sequences – if you can imagine it you can create it!

Classes specifically designed for various age ranges

Beginners and ace animators alike will quickly get to grips with this simple to use, new take on animation – perfect for ages 5+.

Find out how easy it is to create your own unique characters, use speech bubbles or record your own audio track to tell their story and then ‘tween’ your creations to make them larger than life! This programme has bags of ‘smile factor’ – come and join the fun!

Pre-school children get in on the animation act with ComputerXplorers!

Children as young as 3 create fabulous animated stories with easy to use drag-and-drop path animation to let their 3D characters walk, hop or fly around the screen!