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    Welcome To ComputerXplorers Birmingham East!


    ComputerXplorers offers children specialist computing education in their own school in our creative computing & STEM theme days or our popular daily classes during the school day.

    We provide an innovative way for schools to cover planned absences such as PPA or Leadership Time.

    We work with children and young people in schools, pre-schools and every venue imaginable across all parts of the Midlands and Cotswolds.

    Our classes are the optimum blend of fun and education designed to capture the imagination, spark a child’s creativity and prepare them for a technology-driven future.

    Using a huge range of software and an amazing array of peripherals covering everything from programming and coding, the innovative application of IT, animation, creative digital skills, robotics and physical computing. Take a look at Some of our Programmes below to find out more.

    Calling All Animators

    In Wallace and Gromit, If Gromit is waggling his tail for more than 30 seconds, that's 360 movements. Learning stop-motion animation can improve determination and patience, and the outcomes are always worthwhile!