ComputerXplorers Gallery

Take a look at some of the work here to see just what the ComputerXplorers children have created recently! Never has learning been so much fun!

ComputerXplorers offers a vast range of technology sessions using an extensive variety of software programs and computer peripherals combined with our own unique curriculum.

Working in a variety of settings - from pre-schools to schools and after school clubs, as well as hospitals, family learning community venues, museums and anywhere children gather - ComputerXplorers delivers programmes that are both educationally rewarding and enormous fun for children.

We work with children of all ages, especially those from age 3 to 13. We help to prepare them for the future!

Working with preschool children

We work with children as young as two and a half. It's never too early to start preparing children for the future...

Our approach to active learning through exploration of a huge range of technology helps children to be creative and think critically - and have lots of fun in the process!

Find out more about ComputerXplorers in preschools For ComputerXplorers class enquiries click here

ComputerXplorers after school, in school and before school too


Technology-based workshops, in curriculum time classes and hundreds of after school activities are delivered each week to thousands of school children by ComputerXplorers across the country.

ComputerXplorers children have such fun they don't even realise just how much they are learning: programming, creativity, storytelling, collaboration, problem solving, animation, web design, coding, forensic science, logic, video game design - the list is endless!

Take a look here at completed projects from some of our animation workshops and video clips of other programmes - not all our programmes lend themselves to video so please talk to us to find out more about the huge range of technology-based programmes we can offer.

ComputerXplorers working with children - wherever they may be

The children we work with aren't always in schools or pre-schools. We bring technology to their lives wherever they are - in holiday programmes, on family learning days and even in hospital.

Technology has the power to drive motivation and inspire the imagination whatever the circumstances may be - we don't want any child to miss out on that opportunity.