ComputerXplorers teams up with Positive Social to encourage safe use of digital tools and spaces

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Here at ComputerXplorers we don’t just provide innovative computer tech education, but we are also committed to making it safe as well. As part of this mission, we have teamed up with Positive Social – a UK charity helping young people survive and thrive on social media.

Positive Social’s approach is to show students how to handle social media positively and constructively. It’s sessions for students, parents and teachers tackle social media behaviour, issues of self-worth and taking back control of young lives from social media. 

Our franchisees across the UK have undergone training with the team from Positive Social so that ComputerXplorers can now deliver Positive Social sessions to our schools and students. We hope this will help the children and young people we teach stay safe online whilst they explore all the amazing benefits and opportunities digital tech has to offer.

We also have a dedicated Online Safety Hub on the ComputerXplorers website with useful information and advice to empower parents and schools with the knowledge and tools to help them keep their children safe online. The Hub contains a comprehensive suite of resources, including practical tips, up-to-date guidelines and engaging educational materials covering a variety of topics, from online games and chat apps to inappropriate content and parental controls. 

To find out more about Positive Social sessions through ComputerXplorers, contact your local ComputerXplorers team .