Innovative, online computing classes designed for children aged 8 plus

In addition to our face-to-face After School Clubs, ComputerXplorers also offers weekly, online classes.

Our online sessions are delivered live in small groups (no more than 8 in a class) by our fab team of expert tech leaders, so your child has all the input and interaction they need.

Our small groups encourage collaboration and problem-solving while building self-confidence. It’s the perfect way to prepare children for a technology-driven future wherever they may be.

Programming, digital storytelling, animation, web design, coding, robotics, forensic science, video game design, music technology  – the list is endless!

Our sessions are always fun and have the added benefit of delivering tangible education and technology skills – creating children who are e-confident and competent: a great head-start in life, adding a fantastic boost to their all-important STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills.

You never need to miss a class!

Our live, weekly classes are interactive and lots of fun. They are designed for children aged 8 plus and no prior experience or knowledge is required.

All you need at home is a laptop/desktop and an internet connection. All the sessions are run via Zoom.

So, if you are looking for coding classes for your child or a creative animation class to spark their imagination, book your FREE trial class now.

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