Pre-Schools & Nurseries

Pre-Schools & Nurseries

ComputerXplorers using technology to help nursery children be creative and think critically

ComputerXplorers regular technology classes for pre-school children are the perfect addition to every pre-school’s approach to the EYFS curriculum.

Active learning through exploration of a huge range of technology helps children to be creative and think critically – and have lots of fun in the process. A great way to prepare children for the future!

Our unique brand of engaging and educational programmes is always hands-on with plenty of fun and interaction.

Designed just for pre-school children: podcasting, digital photography, robotics, digital microscopes, an introduction to the internet, concepts in programming

Our annual rolling programme covers everything from podcasting, digital photography programming and robotics to digital microscopes and an introduction to the internet.

Science, music, creative arts and technology for pre-school children

Themes covered across the programme include science, music, literacy, numeracy, creative arts and, of course, technology!

Trained, knowledgeable teachers encourage the children to explore, discover and learn in the way that suits them best.

Prepares pre-schoolers for their move to Primary School


ComputerXplores technology classes prepare children for their move to Primary School and a technology-driven future.

They strengthen important school readiness skills in reading, literacy, numeracy, logic, problem-solving, sequencing, spatial awareness and much, much more.

Keeping pre-school children a step ahead

ComputerXplorers children develop a confidence and enthusiasm for technology which will stay with them as they progress. But it’s not only about the technology skills. The additional benefits of the ComputerXplorers programmes — both developmental and educational — will help keep them a step ahead.