Prepare children for the future with fun and exciting tech clubs

We deliver the widest range of super-fun, educational and inspirational technology and computing classes across the UK.

Classes are delivered in a range of locations including nurseries, schools, holiday clubs, after-school clubs, weekend clubs and other community venues.

We teach children not only what’s behind the technology, but build in critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity and confidence.

When that chance to make a difference to children’s futures is wrapped up in a business opportunity with such low costs, high potential earnings and flexibility it’s a powerful combination.

100% funding available – contact us to find out more.

Our own unique curriculum with fun and engaging activities

We create our own leading-edge curriculum ensuring that all of our courses are totally fun, engaging and educational.

We focus on a blend of tech skills and computational thinking combined with soft skills such as collaboration, communication and problem-solving, and of course very often boosting literacy and numeracy alongside.

A huge range of cool courses – coding, robotics and so much more!

Our extensive range of coding classes are enormously popular and we have even more great tech activities besides! These are just some of the courses we offer – 3D design and printing, augmented reality, app design, digital arts, animation, game design, robotics, engineering, electronics and the latest Minecraft skills – as well as all of our coding courses, of course!

It’s a winning combination ensuring schools, parents and children keep coming back.

Why Choose ComputerXplorers?

  • We are the leading Childrens Education Franchise
  • Over 15 years experience
  • Low initial investment – 100% funding available
  • Flexible hours to suit your lifestyle
  • Help children make the leap from technology consumers to creative geniuses!
  • Turnkey business – comprehensive start up package provided
  • Guaranteed appointment making service to get you into local schools
  • Full training and professional ongoing support
  • Personalised business success plan
  • High profitability – no rent, no rates and controlled staff costs
  • No previous experience in IT or education is required!

Years Experience

Joining the ComputerXplorers Franchise has exceeded our expectations in terms of how quickly our business has started to grow. This is down to the high quality product that the company offers together with the high quality marketing and business support that is provided from day 1 of joining the franchise. Having no prior formal business experience has not been a barrier and together with our own hard work we are already establishing long term relationships with our customers. We remain very excited by our venture and have lots of plans and opportunities for scaleable growth in the near, medium and long term future.

Richard & Emily Simcox

Director , ComputerXplorers Bolton & Wigan

What one of our newest

franchisees say….

What’s our market?

The market is HUGE…

The need for children to develop computing skills is now widely recognised.

Fluency and familiarity with computers and technology is essential to nurture the future digital generation and ensure that today’s children become creators of technology and not just passive consumers of it.

Demand is exploding as educators and parents recognise the value of these skills…and of course, the children are having so much fun they don’t notice how much they are learning!


With you all the way

The partnership between franchisee and franchisor is essential to the long-term success of the business. You need to be sure your franchisor is a business you can trust.

With ComputerXplorers you can be certain you have a franchisor with experience and knowledge and a commitment to provide on-going business support.

  • Substantial business experience
  • Recognised expert in children’s computer education
  • Professionally developed business system
  • Continued curriculum development and software review
  • Centralised marketing programmes designed to boost your business growth
  • Proven appointment-generating system helping you gain access to decision makers
  • Extensive marketing collateral
  • Comprehensive induction training programme
  • On-going one-to-one business advice & planning
  • Regular conference calls to share best practice and new initiatives
  • Annual Network Conference

High Earning Potential


ComputerXplorers has become well established and the Market Leaders in Childrens Tech Education, and is growing rapidly. We are now looking for like-minded and determined people who would like to run their own ComputerXplorers Franchise in their chosen area and help us on our mission to upgrade every child


High Turnover Rates – £200,000+ per year achievable in year two.


The ComputerXplorers options


ComputerXplorers offers two different options: ComputerXplorers Classic and ComputerXplorers Enhanced.

Option 1: ComputerXplorers Classic

A ComputerXplorers area, exclusive to you, with a minimum of 300+ primary schools and nurseries/preschools

Cost: £14,950 plus VAT.


Additional areas can be purchased at a later date subject to availability.

Option 2: ComputerXplorers Enhanced

A huge area exclusive to you with a minimum of 600 primary schools and nurseries/preschools

Cost: £29,500 plus VAT.